Notice from the Civil Service Association

Notice from the Civil Service Association

All CSA Members are informed that the branch system, consisting of 13 Branches has been reconfigured in accordance with sections 6.10 and 6.12 of the CSA Constitution.  

The branches have been reconfigured based on similarities of units and geographical factors. The new branch system has been reduced from 13 branches to 8 branches as follows:

  • Branch 1 – Utilities
  • Branch 2 – Inland Revenue
  • Branch 3 – Customs
  • Branch 4 – Northern
  • Branch 5 – Southern
  • Branch 6 – Castries Basin
  • Branch 7 – Waterfront
  • Branch 8 – Statutory Board

CSA is in process of receiving nominations from shop stewards and members of each branch to be considered for Branch Executive Representatives (Branch Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer).  Forward all names for the attention of the Executive to   [email protected]  or call 452 3903 to nominate representatives.

Members are hereby notified of the above.

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