Ministry of Education speaks on attempted rape allegations

The Ministry of Education recently commented on a report of attempted rape at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

According to reports, SALCC security personnel were taken into custody following an alleged attempted rape of a female student.

“From the outset let me say that the ministry is utterly disturbed by this event,” Chief Education Officer Marcus Edward said. “We expect security personnel to always operate with the highest regard for the individuals who they are engaged to secure, and so [while they may be] allegations, we will treat such matters with the utmost efficiency and urgency.

“As we speak I am aware that the college including the leadership of the college and the chairperson leading the Board of Directors of the college, are meeting to review the situation. I’d expect that the college would meet with the student body and  the parents to arrange support services for the victim in this matter.

“We want to take this time to say that as a community, as a society we condemn such acts. We should not tolerate persons whether they are employees or any persons who are put in positions to safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of others, to disrespect and violate them in that way.”

Mr. Edward stressed that such conduct would not be tolerated.