Police Band entertains VBSS students

The police band entertained students of the Vide Bouteille Secondary School (VBSS) this morning in observance of St Cecilia’s Day – the feast of Musicians.

Principal, Marlyn Innocent, told the Times she was very excited when the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) band contacted her about performing at the school to mark the occasion.

Innocent disclosed that music was reintroduced to her school’s curriculum about a year ago.

“It was really nice for the children to see young people like themselves playing the same instruments that they are learning about and learning to play,” the Principal explained.

She told the Times that the students really enjoyed the session featuring the police band.

Innocent disclosed that when she spoke to the students  to introduce the band she recognized that many of them did not know about St Cecilia’s Day.

She said it provided an opportunity to speak to them about one aspect of Saint Lucia’s culture.

The VBSS Principal expressed the view that having the police band play at the school afforded students an opportunity to see another side of the RSLPF.

“They tend to see the police only as disciplinarians but now they saw another component of the police force- celebrating culture with them,” Innocent observed.

She said members of the band encouraged the children to come around while the music was being played and some of the students danced to the various melodies.

“They really enjoyed it,” Innocent declared.

Innocent raised the possibility of the police band returning not only to play at the next observance of St Cecilia’s Day, but for band members to address students on careers in the band and the RSLPF.