‘Reds’ to retire from cricket broadcasting

Veteran sports Commentator, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira, has announced that he will be ending his cricket broadcasting career.

‘Reds’ told the Times he will be doing his last game in Saint Lucia – Windwards versus Guyana starting later this month,  then moving to Guyana to do the Barbados versus Guyana game from December 9 to 12, 2016.

He recalled that he started his career in 1961 with the then British Guiana playing Trinidad and Tobago at Rosehall.

“Maybe it is fitting that I should end my broadcasting days there,” Perreira said.

He described his career as a “marvelous ride.”

The veteran Sports broadcaster expressed thanks to all the stations throughout the Caribbean that have used him.

He mentioned persons like Lindy Delapenha, former Director of Sports at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, David Lamy of Trinidad and Tobago, Rafiq Khan of then Radio Demerara , the late Terry Holder, former General Manager of the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation and  the late Hugh Cholmondeley.

‘Reds’ spoke proudly of his professional relationship with the late Tony Cozier that spanned some three decades.

“You never do anything by yourself – it is always the opportunity that people provide you,” ‘Reds’ explained.

He recalled that in 1961 Rafiq Khan sent him to cover a game in Berbice in Guyana, where then British Guiana was playing Trinidad and Tobago.

“I leave with no rancor. I have been very blessed – I have had a very happy career covering many great test matches, many outstanding World Cups and One day Internationals,”  Perreira said.

He recalled having had the pleasure of working for the Kerry Packer Wold series in 1978.

‘Reds”, in addition to cricket, has been a commentator for boxing, table tennis and basketball, among other sports.

While indicating that he will be stopping his cricket broadcasts, Perreira said he hopes to extend his television role with Choice Television here if possible.

He explained that he does work for radio in Barbados and Jamaica and hopes to do a local Sports View.

‘Reds’ also does a thirty minute  cricket podcast.

The seventy-seven year old told the Times:

“By no means will I be sitting in a Berbice chair and just watching the day go by.”