Prince Harry’s cricketing skills on show

Prince Harry’s cricketing skills on show

The Telegraph:-He had modestly said his best cricketing days were over, but Prince Harry showed he has not forgotten how to wield a bat as he scored an impressive nine not out off just three balls today.

Granted, the man bowling to him – the 55-year-old Prime Minister of St Lucia, Allen Chastanet – was no Malcolm Marshall, but the Prince nevertheless proved he has an eye for a boundary shot during the exhibition match.

The Prince and the Prime Minister each captained a team of local players at the Daren Sammy stadium in St Lucia, named after the island’s first player to make the West Indies team.

They were met by a screaming crowd of local children, and the Prince, who had changed into a yellow team shirt, briefly addressed them in the local creole.

After the PM won the toss and put the Prince’s team in to bat first, the Prince played some warm-up shots on the boundary then retreated to a white gazebo to shelter from the 29C heat as he watched the start of the six overs-per-side match.

When it came to the last over, the Prince, wearing pads and gloves but going without a helmet, was put in to face Mr Chastanet.

By the third bowl of the over the Prince was on strike, and after Mr Chastanet bowled what can generously be described as a dolly, the Prince thwacked it to square leg for four runs.

He hit another fine shot to square leg off the next bowl for one run, leaving his batting partner on strike, who despatched the next ball for a six.

The Prince was allowed to go back on strike for the final ball of the game, hitting a pull shot to long leg for another four runs and his unbeaten score of nine.

On Thursday night he had told Dr Ian Kelly, chief executive of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, “I think my best cricketing days are over” when he attended  a reception at Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy’s official residence, Government House.

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    Wow did any one realize the government made a political statement with the T shirt color the prince an team was wearing hey our flag has 4 colors the most out standing is blue so y is the yellow the most stand out color of the 4 used for the T shirt huuuum

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      This is because Guy Joseph was in charge of the tee shirt committee

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    Only bcuz the uwp winning wud allow him to travel

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