IRD concerned about uncollected cheques

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is appealing to taxpayers to collect outstanding cheques representing income tax returns.

Deputy Comptroller Responsible for Operations, Marcia Vite’, explained that taxpayers’ cheques are registered and posted.

However Vite’ told the Times it appears that once the taxpayers see registered mail from the IRD, they believe it is an arrears statement or some other information and do not pick it up.


“We are at the juncture where we have quite a few uncollected cheques,” she disclosed.

The Deputy Comptroller Responsible for Operations explained that the IRD will be posting the names of all the persons who have not collected their cheques on the agency’s website shortly.

“The taxpayers can have a look at it and then come to our department,” Vite’ said.

She told the Times persons should check the website to see whether their names are there before proceeding to the Department which is located at the Castries Waterfront.

The IRD official revealed that the uncollected cheques numbered over two hundred covering from 2014 to the current year.

As a result she said some of them would now be invalid.

However Vite’told the Times that her department would change the dates and have the cheques processed.


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