Injured bus driver recovering

An injured bus driver, identified as Lennox Estaphane, is recovering in hospital after reportedly being stabbed by  an unknown assailant on Saturday night.

The incident occurred near the Bexon bus stand.

One of Estaphane’s colleagues, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Times that the bus driver was waiting for his vehicle to fill up with passengers when a man “shouldered” him.

According to the colleague, Estaphane said he told the individual that he had done nothing to him to be assaulted in that way.

It is reported that there was an exchange of words and one of about three men who were in the company of the individual who had bumped into Estaphane stabbed the Bexon bus driver in the groin area.

According to the colleague, Estaphane later got into his bus which by the time was full of passengers and drove off.

However the bus crashed into the small concrete roundabout near the Vendors’ Arcade.

Estaphane was later transported to hospital via ambulance.

He underwent a surgical operation yesterday.