New MASL Executive elected

A new executive of the Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) has been elected.

The election took place Sunday.

The new executive comprises Miguel Fevrier – President, Stan Bishop – Vice President, Jenna Anne Gaston – Secretary, Glen Simon – Treasurer, Rehani Isidore – Communications Officer/Assistant Secretary and Sharefil Gaillard – Floor member.

The position of a second flood member is expected to be filled shortly.

The new MASL President, in his acceptance speech, said he was humbled by his election.

“I stand here before you humbled that you have chosen to place your trust in me to lead what I believe is a fine, dedicated and trustworthy group of individuals to manage the affairs of the Media Association of Saint Lucia,” Fevrier stated.

He described the  last few years as being” tumultuous” for the media.

“I’m sure you will agree with me when I say the fourth estate is being treated like the number one joke,” the MASL President declared.

Said Fevrier:

“I say this, not to ridicule, point fingers or lay the blame on any individual or group of individuals, but to highlight the fact that for whatever reason, the spirit of disunity is pervasive among the media fraternity.”

He declared that under the new leadership that must and will change.

“Let there be no selectivity in how we defend a member who may find themselves on the wrong side of any group – be it a political party or otherwise,” Fevrier said.

He noted that MASL is a membership organization, but  must remember as the 4th estate, the number one priority remains the education and dissemination of reliable, factual information to the people of Saint Lucia.

Fevrier said  as such, the organisation’s voice must be heard, and input sought on issues of national importance.

He told the Times there would be a thrust to create new membership of the MASL.

Fevrier said the new MASL Executive will also push for the education of its members.

He announced plans to obtain within the first year of the new executive, a special cordon for  the media when they arrive on crime scenes, media identification cards for members and preferential parking in certain areas.

Fevrier said the broadcast act is of critical importance to MASL.

He said he was hopeful that within the coming weeks a meeting can be held with Dominic Fedee, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting to determine what role the media can play before the bill is enacted.


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