Mayor Hosts Successful Meeting with Arcade Vendors

Castries, November 28th, 2016 – The Office of the Mayor last week enjoyed a cordial and successful meeting with Arcade Vendors.

The consultation focused on several key issues including the urgent need to transform and continue repair works at the facility.

The meeting was chaired by His Lordship, Mayor Peterson Francis who spoke of his plans and vision for the Vendor’s Arcade and the City of Castries.

His Lordship also addressed matters of concern to vendors regarding safety and security and the general upkeep of the facility.

In addition, Mayor Francis made reference to the outstanding debts owed to the Castries Constituency Council as it moves to recover over EC$500,000.00 in outstanding arrears.

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who attended the first of many meetings to come. I support the work that you do and give my assurance for continued consultation. Soon we will be meeting with other vendors who ply their trade in the City. I want to work with everyone to contribute towards development and therefore, we will do things better.”

The meeting, one of many consultative meetings with City merchants saw over 90 per cent of Arcade Vendors in attendance.

Mayor Francis noted the need for merchants to display unity highlighting that the importance of the tourism trade not solely to his office but to them as well.

Vendors were also addressed by the Town Clerk Mr. Vaughn Lewis-Fernand who explained that Council will handle things structurally.

“There is need for procedure and structure. We will soon begin a Vendor’s Registration Program so that we know who we are conducting business with. Things will change, but it’s for the better.”

In conclusion, both sides indicated that they are looking forward to further discussions in an effort to build a better relationship between the Office of the Mayor and Arcade Vendors.