SLP leader: Keep politics out of BOSL issue

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J.Pierre,  has said that the Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL) issue must be treated as a priority.

It has been revealed that the bank has some $300 million in bad loans.

“I am saying that there are a number of Saint Lucians who have worked and have their savings at the Bank of Saint Lucia and there are a number of people who work at the bank so I am saying that the Bank of Saint Lucia must be treated as a priority and it should not be left to be dealt with only by politicians,” the SLP leader told the Times.

He declared that there are certain things that have to be kept out of the realm of politics, the Bank of Saint Lucia matter being one of them.

The leader of the parliamentary opposition said his observations had nothing to do with “party”.

Pierre noted that the people who run the bank are responsible for the institution.

“All I am urging is caution and I am saying  that any words that are used relating to the Bank of Saint Lucia should be guarded because any misinformation can have some serious consequences,” the SLP leader explained.

He refused to comment on reports that some persons have begun withdrawing their money from the institution.

“That is why I said that any statements made about the Bank of Saint Lucia should be cautious, guarded and based only on fact and not speculation – there is no need for speculation because as I said there are workers involved and  shareholders and people who keep the money at the bank; they are the ones who have to be safeguarded and any words used – it’s unfortunate when politicians try to score cheap political points by using the bank as a political football,” Pierre declared.

He said as leader of the opposition he will make no statements that are political because he knows the importance of the BOSL.

Pierre said all efforts should be made for the bank to survive and return to profitability.




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