Prime Minister of St. Lucia knows his HIV status

In Light of December 1st being recognized at World Aids Day and the Ministry of Health and Wellness ramping up sensitization among the population to get to know their HIV status ,Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Hon. Allen Chastanet has taken heed. The Prime Minister got his HIV test done today at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Vigie.

“If there is one thing you can do is to come out an get tested and it’s something that’s very simple, just in terms of getting a little prick to be able to draw some blood and it takes only fifteen minutes to be able to get your results.”

With many persons opting out of an HIV test, the Prime Minister believes this is part of the problem with persons not knowing their status unknowing spreading the Virus.

“So every single St. Lucian should take the opportunity of getting tested. We know is not just transmitted through sex. There are so many other ways that people can contract AIDS but you have got to get tested and I think it’s for your own security and the security of all St. Lucians.”

The Prime Minister added that though St. Lucia has made great strides with the management of HIV on island the infection rate is still too high when ranked against some other Caribbean Countries.

“We will only be satisfied when we rid the country of this horrible disease.”

The Prime Minister congratulated the Ministry of Health for doing “a fantastic job” in relation to HIV treatment, management and education but implored the population to heed the call to get tested as a matter of urgency.

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