Daughter: Deceased was to celebrate Anniversary

Anthony Cherubin, the deceased driver of a Mannee’s Bakery vehicle, was to have celebrated his wedding anniversary next week, his distraught daughter, Winsha Cherubin, has disclosed.

The daughter told the Times that her devastated mother’s birthday is also next week.

Winsha  said the death has had a devastating impact on her mother.

“She is not taking it good at all,” the daughter told the Times.

Winsha disclosed that her mother and father have been together for twenty-two years and married for some sixteen years.

The eighteen year old recalled that she was at work when her mother called to indicate that Anthony Cherubin had been involved in a serious accident.

“I could not stay at work – I rushed to the hospital,” Winsha said.

She told the Times that she requested to see her father but was told that she could not at the moment as he was in serious condition and unresponsive.

‘After a while they told me his heart was beating – he had a pulse,”Winsha stated.

She said her father had sustained multiple injuries including fractures to the skull, a fractured spine and a punctured lung.

Winsha said her father had internal bleeding and despite the efforts of medical personnel, remained unresponsive.

Anthony Cherubin passed away on Sunday afternoon.

“They told me my father died at around after one in the afternoon – they said he went into a cardiac arrest and they tried for almost two hours or three hours to revive him and they couldn’t help – it wasn’t working,” his daughter said.

An ambulance heading towards Castries with a patient is reported to have collided with Cherubin’s vehicle which was travelling in the opposite direction.

The collision occurred at Choc.

Cherubin is reported to have been the only occupant of the Mannee’s Bakery vehicle he was driving at the time.

Two firemen and the patient who were in the ambulance sustained minor injuries.


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