SLFS expresses condolences on death of driver

Acting Fire Chief, Joseph Joseph, has expressed  sincere condolences to the relatives, friends and co-workers of Anthony Cherubin who died after an ambulance collided with the Mannee’s Bakery vehicle he was driving on Saturday afternoon.

“Indeed it is a sad day for the Fire Department,” Joseph told reporters during a news conference today.

He described the collision on Saturday as “unfortunate”.

The Acting Fire Chief said he knows this is a trying period for the relatives, friends and co-workers of the deceased.

He expressed the hope that God will give them the strength to carry on.

Joseph also expressed support for the Fire Officers who were involved in the collision.

He asserted that it was a traumatic experience for them especially the driver whom Joseph disclosed was “inconsolable” because of the situation.

Joseph said counselling services have been secured for the Fire Officers.

He stated that he has received assurances that members of the family of the the deceased Mannee’s Bakery driver  who are employed with the government can also access the counselling services.

The Acting Fire Chief revealed that the Fire Officers who were in the ambulance at the time of the collision did not sustain any serious injuries.

Joseph stated that the patient who was being transported in the ambulance also did not sustain any serious injury.

He recalled that the last time such a “traumatic” incident occurred was some time in 1992 when a patient and an ambulance driver died at the Cul de Sac junction.

“It is something we are aware can happen at any time because the ambulance is always undertaking emergency runs and in some situations it is really a matter of life and death in terms of the response time,” Joseph noted.

He revealed that Fire Officers have always been told that they are to abide by the rules of the road.

“Of course they drive an emergency vehicle but traffic laws apply to all the vehicles – however I did explain that we have situations where we have to exceed the speed limits and so on to get the persons who require critical care to the hospital on time,” Joseph explained.



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