Morne resident recovers stolen vehicle

A resident of the Morne today recovered his vehicle that was stolen from near his home.

Aloysius  Edward said he woke up early on Monday morning to discover that his vehicle was gone.

He recalled that this morning he was on a bus heading towards Castries when he heard a radio announcer say that there was a vehicle -PD8532, parked in Sans Soucis.

Edward said he immediately went to recover the stolen car.

The Morne resident disclosed that the vehicle’s music system and some other items  were missing.

Edward revealed that the vehicle dashboard and seats were damaged.


“That’s life,” he declared, adding that there will always be theft especially around the Christmas season.

“People have to try and change because you cannot take somebody’s vehicle just to take out the stereo – damage it; that does not make any sense,” Edward asserted.

Local police are investigating a suspected car theft operation following the discovery of vehicle shells at Agard lands.

News reports indicate that stolen vehicles were stripped and dumped on unoccupied land in the area.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports of vehicles being stolen from their owners.

Some of the vehicles have been recovered.

News reports suggest that the vehicles were driven to the area and stripped


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