BCF proclaims successful inmate rehabilitation

Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has been highlighting its rehabilitation programme for inmates.

Assistant Director – Rehabilitation, Alberta Joseph Felicien, has said that the BCF has recorded “quite a bit” of rehabilitation success stories.

Felicien disclosed that there are inmates at the prison who are doing CXC exams.

“We have received one hundred percent passes at the facility,” she disclosed.

Thirty-two inmates are currently enrolled in the CXC programme at the prison.

Felicien explained that there are remedial teachers on staff – two who are civilians and the others who are officers conducting classes daily.

The subject areas are Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Principles of Business, Agriculture and recently – Food and Nutrition.

Basic numeracy and literacy are also taught.

It was explained that inmates are not forced to join the education programmes but allowed to choose to participate.

Felicien said some persons who were once incarcerated at the BCF are now attending Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

“We have inmates who have been at the facility and now have their own tailor shops and when they came into Bordelais they did not even know how to hold a pair of scissors,” she declared.

Felicien was part of a panel appearing Monday night on the MBC Television programme – Police Insight.


She told the programme that some former inmates who knew nothing about farming when they entered prison, have become farmers on leaving jail.

Felicien described the BCF farm programme as “excellent.”

She stated that the facility has over five thousand chickens producing eggs on a daily basis, a rabbit farm, some two hundred pigs and about five to ten acres of bananas and plantains.

According to Felicien, almost one hundred thousand dollars in farm produce for the BCF has been generated for this year.

“We produce to sustain ourselves – cut down the food bill,” she explained.


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