Mother says trouble followed her now deceased son

Keitha  Emmanuel, the mother of the City Gate resident who was shot dead on Tuesday night, has said that trouble kept following her son.

Shane Emmanuel died on the spot after he was shot multiple times at about 7:pm. according to reports.

“The way my son is, trouble comes to him,” the mother told the Times.

“Sometimes he has friends and friends in trouble and he is among them and they attacking him, they steal his phone and he will steal back, they will hurt him, they will hit him and he will not go with people lash – that is how he is,” she recalled.

The mother indicated that Shane Emmanuel, whom the police have said is well known to them, was very loving and caring.


“I will not say he will not do, because he is my son – he’s troublesome,” Emmanuel stated.

She told the Times  that the first “case” involving her son was a shootout in Castries.

“The Magistrate told me I have to stand by him – I don’t know anything about that but I stand by him. She told me if I had anything to say, I told her I had nothing to say. She watched me and say ‘You know Shane is a troublesome child?’ I tell her I don’t know that,” the mother said.

She revealed that the twenty-seven year old deceased, also known as ‘Ti Mob’, had a lot of friends and liked helping them.

In addition to the City Gate homicide last night, police also reported another incident in which a man was shot on Darling Road.

Police have identified the victim as Denzil Stava.

He was taken to hospital and subsequently released, according to the police.


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