Flea Market Vendors Reverted to Jeremie Street

His Lordship Mayor Peterson Francis, after consultation with the flea market vendors, has decided to return the popular flea market to its original Jeremie Street location.

For the past two Saturdays, vendors were temporarily relocated to the lower end of the John Compton Highway adjacent to the vendor’s arcade as part of a trial to deal with a lack of structure and heavy congestion on Jeremie Street. The experimental move was also in an effort to create a comfortable zone and better ambience for vendors and patrons.

However, after a meeting with flea market vendors, the hierarchy of the Castries Constituency Council and Mayor Peterson Francis on Tuesday, the decision was taken to revert to the original site.

Addressing the gathering, Mayor Peterson Francis said: “We believe in structure and it is very important that there is uniformity. It is also critical that the laws and regulations which govern the City of Castries be respected. There remains a bigger plan to develop the City and while people are sometimes hesitant to change, often times it is for the greater good. We need to learn to embrace change. New things need to be tried and tested. My aim is to do things better, and that requires the institution of new protocols and a high level of understanding from all.”

His Lordship Peterson Francis, has promised to engage the vendors further with respect to agreeing a more long-term and sustainable arrangement for the vendors.  

Among the changes to be implemented in the short term, is the issuing of ID cards to vendors and the numbering of all tents.

The flea market which caters to Saturday shoppers, will from this Saturday revert to Jeremie Street until the end of December.