Josie says: Make an example of corrupt ‘Big Boys’

Peter Josie, former leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), has said that priority must be given to curing and correcting corruption in Saint Lucia.

Josie made the remarks in an interview with the Times, while voicing support for the Desert Star Holdings (DSH) project in Vieux Fort.

He asserted that corrupt practices that preceded the project must be dealt with.

Josie declared that the situation in Vieux Fort is now more backward than when he was a child.

“Even though this project were to succeed and people continue to behave the same – technical people, government people and opposition people, we will still be spinning top in mud,” the politician told the Times.

He stated that if laws have to be amended in order to deal with corruption that should be done.

“The people can’t use their knowledge of the law to do what they want, mamaguy the people, sign all kinds of contracts days before elections and then nothing happens,” Josie asserted.

He said:

“So the little criminal at the bottom of the ladder when he sees that the big guys are getting through – they don’t have to pay, nothing happens to them; what do you expect him to do?’

Josie said as far as he is concerned, a lesson must be made with the ‘big man’ first.

“Somebody must go to prison- some ‘big boy’ and unless that happens Saint Lucia will never change,” he declared.