Police investigate burglary, rape, and homicide

Saint Lucia police are investigating a burglary, rape and homicide.

The victim has been identified as 76-year old Rosa Rosemond of Marisule.

She is reported to have been found naked at her home.

A source who spoke to the Times on condition of anonymity recalled seeing Rosemond in her vehicle on Friday.

“One guy was driving and another was in the rear,” according to the source.

The source recalled that Rosemond made a joke as the vehicle drove off.

The men are reported to have been working on her house which reportedly had a leak in the basement.

The  individual recounted observing that  the gate to the victim’s home was locked with a padlock at about 5:30 pm on Saturday without her vehicle being in the yard.

The source told the Times that appeared highly unusual.

The source disclosed that a Security Company had been calling consistently after an alarm in the home of the deceased had been triggered and there was no response.

Law enforcement sources have indicated that Rosemond’s body was discovered at her home yesterday.

It is reported that her home had been burgled about a year ago.

Rosemond lived alone, according to reports.

Her vehicle is reported to have been discovered at the Castries Waterfront.

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