First case of Microcephaly recorded for 2016

First case of Microcephaly recorded for 2016

Saint Lucia has recorded its first case of Microcephaly for this year and health authorities are awaiting the results of tests to see whether the case is Zika-related, reliable sources have told the Times.

Microcephaly is a birth defect where a baby’s head is smaller than expected when compared to babies of the same sex and age.

Zika is listed as one of several causes of the condition.

The other causes include chromosomal ┬ádisorders such as Down’s syndrome, maternal viral infections such as rubella and maternal alcoholism or drug abuse.

According to information obtained by the Times, the latest Microcephaly case was discovered on Friday.

It brings to four, the number of such cases so far recorded in Saint Lucia, it was revealed.

The Times was told that none of the three previous cases was Zika-related.

The Ministry of Health has a surveillance system in place to monitor newborn babies for Microcephaly.


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