Mayor promises end to crime in City

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has promised that criminal activity in the capital will come to an end.

“Over the past few years  we have seen the blatant disregard for human life and property. The City of Castries has become a hub for criminal elements and activity. And this will be put to a halt,” Francis said.

He made the comments while addressing the opening ceremony of the Festival of Lights.

The Mayor told his audience that one of the corrective measures to be taken is to introduce 18 individuals as part of the City Police Unit to join with 12 seasoned constabulary officers employed within the Mayor’s office.

He explained that those persons will be deployed in the coming days and will be trained by the training academy of the police service.

“It is my hope that in the coming months we increase the City Police Unit to 50, so that law and order can be restored in the city,” Francis stated.

He declared that the City Police Unit working in partnership with the Royal St. Lucia Police Force will bring back law and order in the City of Castries.

The Mayor also recognized the urgent need to beautify Castries.

“We will see that taking place in collaboration with my Government as the development of Castries is critical to the country’s economic survival,” he noted.

Francis observed that the Festival of Lights is about solemnly looking within to discover, accept and reflect the divine light and then sharing that light with others.

He said even as persons clean and decorate their physical surroundings during this time, they must ensure that people’s souls are pure and their hearts are filled with compassion and love, being strong and resilient in body and mind.

He said many would sometimes say that St. Lucia and the world by extension are plagued by grave darkness, a darkness is taking many forms.

The Mayor made reference to the darkness of terrorism, disease, physical and sexual abuse, injustice, inequality, poverty and hunger, natural disasters and the negative effects of climate change.

However he observed that in actuality, that darkness cannot exist where there is light.

Francis said:

“Indeed, if in every facet of life we can be the source of light and joy for others; if we can put country before self; if we can reject violence, intolerance and intimidation, then the darkness we all fear will cease to exist.”

He called on each person and spiritual organization and community group represented at the ceremony to erase the darkness threatening to destroy this country.

The Mayor asserted that the focus should not merely be on the material but on the spiritual – the attainment of abundant joy and infinite peace.

He called on citizens to answer that higher call of selfless service to community and nation and to ensure continued peace and harmony in the country.

“Commit your time, talents and resources to assist in the development of our country, as a whole community united in love,” Francis urged.



  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    More useless talk. 6 months and just talk talk talk. You’re 10% into your tenure already and nothing to show for it.

    You want to stop crime in the city. Here’s some hints. Start with the little things. The parking violations, the illegal vending, the noise, the loud music, the washing of cars on city streets, the illegal buildings. Instead of police ignoring, have them stop those illegalities and fine the perpetrators. They should stop looking at stopping the smallest of crimes as a hassle. And I mean stop it professionally. That’s what us taxpayers pay them for. Only when you have order in Castries, can you only begin to think about stopping crime. You climb a ladder starting with the lowest rung.

    And it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of Grave Yard, Grass Street, Conway. Move them, scatter to the wind, burn them down. I don’t care. The few good people in those communities should not stop you from taking drastic action against those cesspools. There were good people in Sodom and Gomorrah. Unless you treat those people like animals that they are you will never have peace in Castries and I assure it will continue to get worse. They have tormented innocent people long enough. Soon enough, even police will be fearful of patrolling in town and all businesses will close shop.

    Stop treating the symptoms of the disease. Cure the disease itself. Better yet be quiet and go get fat of tax payer money for the next 5 years with no actual results. Just like the rest of them before.

  2. Faizal Hossen
    December 13, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Melbourne, Australia. Yes, crimes should come to an end. But, just a gentle slap on criminal hand will not deter criminal activities. Severe laws, including CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, might deter some criminals. MR HONORABLE Mayor, stop wishing and start DOING. Good luck. Castries deserves better.

  3. Anon1
    December 14, 2016 at 9:48 am

    An EXTREMELY bold promise with only 1, ONE corrective measure to back up your PROMISE!

    Come politicians chose your words wisely to prevent your own embarrassment.

    NO developed City in the Western world has “put a halt” to crime, even with their infinite resources.

    So, 18 individuals are going to put a complete “halt” to all crime in Castries!

    Jesus Christ, why didn’t we do this 30, 40, 50 years ago, St Lucia would have been recognised as the only CRIME FREE city in the Western Hemisphere!

    Mr Mayor, concentrate on your current term rather than campaigning for a SECOND.

    Because that BOLD statement you made screams RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN!

    Can you also please give the citizens of Castries the date when you will halt all crime.

    1. Faizal Hossen
      December 20, 2016 at 9:28 am

      Melbourne, Australia. A crime free city might look unrealistic to many, but it is something which a responsible government/local council should fight for. It is unacceptable and sick for the Honourable Mayor of Castries to come and say: Look, there are 100 murders in Castries every year and that too many and I will reduce it to 30 murders yearly. Of course, he should say, I want to make Castries a crime free city, even most probably he would not be able to achieve it. The same thing: how many deadly road accidents are acceptable? The answer is ZERO dead on road, even though it is most probable not to be achieved.

  4. Anonymous
    December 14, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    You stopped the little work on the upw people of Castries south I’m the Christmas what’s the reason for carrying out this brutal act what will Christmas be like for them once again lack Christmas for them Allan Chastnet you better look into this matter as soon asap

  5. Sylvian
    January 19, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Promising a stop to crime in a city is like being the mayor of a Saharan town and promising rain when the forecast calls for none.