Suspect in Morne D’Or homicide shot

A suspect in the recent Morne D’Or homicide  has been captured by the police, reliable sources have confirmed.

According to information obtained by the Times, the suspect was shot in the leg and had to be hospitalized.

He was being sought  in connection with the shooting death of  Morne D’Or resident, Hipolyte Glasgow, on Monday December 12, 2016.

Glasgow was shot after bandits robbed a shop in his community.

Reports from the community indicated that two armed men had earlier held up Elcock’s supermarket and made off with a bag.

According to the reports, Glasgow had moments earlier left the same business place after buying flour to make bakes at a roadside business of his that also sold barbecued chicken.

He is reported to have been seated near the roadside when the gunmen opened fire on him.

The bandits then escaped on foot, it is reported.

Glasgow was described as someone who was well known and well liked in his community.


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