La Clery Mother injured in dual attack

A La Clery mother was seriously wounded in an attack Saturday night by a cutlass-wielding man and his knife-toting girlfriend.

The wounded  La Clery mother has been identified as Tamara Joseph.

She has  two young children.

Joseph was rushed to hospital following the incident.

Joseph’s mother, Angela James, told the Times that the attack happened on the night of Saturday, December 17, 2016, at about 8pm.

Angela James

Angela James

According to James,  a woman who had an old dispute with her daughter  passed the family home.

James said the woman was in the company of a man, whom she described as the woman’s boyfriend.

There was an exchange of words between the man and James’s son regarding his sister, Tarama Joseph, whereupon the man and his female companion left, James explained.

She told the Times that the  man returned with a cutlass and chopped Tamara  Joseph on the leg near the knee cap.

James said his female  companion then proceeded to stab the already wounded Joseph.

James said as a result of the injury to the leg, Tamara Joseph  has to undergo surgery.

“The boy go to kill my daughter because my daughter told me while she was on the floor the boy still swinging cutlass behind her. Both of them were attacking her,” James explained.

The Times was told that as a result of the incident, Tamara Joseph sustained a deep wound to the leg and stab wounds to the back.

Angela James told the Times :

“Dem people were in war for a very long time, so the boy go and look for the woman and bring her where my daughter living; so last night my daughter saw the girl was going. So her boyfriend coming and warn my son for my daughter. My daughter just tell the boy that it was his woman that met her and was throwing remarks. The girl told my daughter ‘ I coming back for you!’

She said her daughter’s male assailant has issued death threats to her personally.

Angela James disclosed that the attack on her daughter follows the recent shooting death of a relative at City Gate.

James said that Shane Emmanuel,alias ‘Ti Mob’, was her nephew.

Twenty-seven year old  Emmanuel  died  after being shot multiple times on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

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