Crisis Centre official supports ‘sex crimes’ court

The Vice President of the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre, Stephen Lambert,  has called for the establishment here of a special court to deal with sex offenders.

Lambert told the Times that with such a court in place, the judicial process can be expedited.

“We have a number of people who have spent over a decade waiting for a case to be called,” he explained, adding that those individuals become frustrated.

Lambert recalled a case in which someone was raped at the age of fourteen.

He told the Times the individual claimed that the case was not dealt with until eighteen years later.

The Crisis Centre official said that a special court for sex offenders by itself, would not be sufficient.

He asserted that there were other factors to consider, such as ensuring that the forensic laboratory is functional  to deal with material evidence.

Lambert lamented that many Saint Lucians are actually being denied justice because of the slow pace of the judicial system.

He said a special ‘sex crimes’ court would speed up the process.

Lambert expressed the view that because of delays in the court system, criminals could become emboldened and victims may hesitate to come forward.

He said when a case is dealt with as quickly as possible it brings some measure of closure.