Francis says: SLP continues to fool itself

Press Release:-As one who has closely followed the politics of St. Lucia, I’ve tried in recent times not to let my heart rule my head.

Concerning the Desert Star Holding the Prime Minister and his Government will do well to listen to the people their criticisms and concerns expressed over the D.S.H, including the opposition to avoid the mistakes of the last Government.

As I watched on T.V the hue and cry by the opposition in the House yesterday, I was reminded of the Grynberg affair which is to date the mother of all secretive deals by any government leader.

Talking about accountability as regards the current Opposition Leader, was he let in on the Grynberg deal by the last P.M? Was the Cabinet ever briefed on it?

Those who live in glass houses must be careful in throwing stones.  Yes transparency and accountability must be upheld but where was the Vieux Fort North Representative when the St. Jude’s Hospital project was being mismanaged – which has affected the people of his Constituency Vieux Fort North?

The magic of the old style partisan politics can work no more. Whilst the Prime Minister must be transparent in dealing with the people’s business at all times, the St. Lucia Labour Party must stop continuing to fool itself if it wants to regain legitimacy.

 As a party now in opposition – how can they forget the wrongs, the mismanagement and nepotism which took place during their rein?  There is much that they must answer to and be contrite.  Long live Democracy.

Mary Francis

Attorney at Law

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