Yanic Charles tells his story

Press Release:-Yanic Charles together with the YPG (Youth Power Group) was at the Clendon Mason Secondary School in Dennery to share his life story for more than 500 youths. He spoke about his struggles and challenges while growing up.

The school he gave his speech is the same one he used to attend, there he met his teachers and friends that were surprised to see him totally changed.

“I couldn’t believe he still alive, he was a real troublemaker at school but now seeing him changed and encouraging other youths, made me to gain strength to deal with youths that gives me a hard time“  – Said his former Teacher

Yanic spoke about dealing with drugs, gangs and bad behavior, and advised the youths not to choose this path way in life because together with it comes pain and loneliness

The YPG makes a Drama presentation to make the youths aware about bad influences and that the youths should make a difference in the country instead of uniting their strength to destroy it.

“ Our desire is to go to many other schools and pass our experience to other young people that are going through the same situation in life as Yanic was facing, but we are having some difficulties of receiving the go ahead of some principals and this makes us very sad. We have heard so much about youths getting into crimes, killings, robberies and we are trying to help and many schools doesn’t open their doors for us“ –Said the Leader of the YPG in Saint Lucia Leandro Santos

If you are facing difficulties in dealing with the young people and desire to have the YPG giving advices, performing dramas and songs in your school, just contact us:

YPG HELPLINE: 724-8130 / 724-8041 / YPG Whatsapp: 730-4040 / 730-2043

Saint Lucian’s biggest youth network offering a range of activities and practical advice to help young people become successful adults. Choose from music, drama or dance performances as well as competitions and one to one advice to get the most out of life. We’re not like other ‘feel good’ groups out there. We want you to feel good but, more importantly, we want you to do well for yourself. You will mature and become an exceptional youth just by coming to the YPG meetings. So, if you’re ready for a challenge and make a change for your life, then you’re ready for the YPG.

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