CDP Projects: Green light given for payment

CDP Projects: Green light given for payment

The Saint Lucia government has given the green light for payment regarding  projects under the Constituency Development Programme (CDP), the Times has been reliable informed.

The projects were done prior to the entry into office of the current United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

But although the go ahead is reported to have been given about a week ago, the Times was informed that the process of payment has been slow due to Accounts staffing issues.

The payout is estimated at several million dollars to hundreds of contractors.

Minister for Economic Development,  Guy Joseph,  had said  in September this year that while he was aware that projects are normally undertaken under the CDP which is a source of income for many persons, there was a departure from best practices during the pre-election period that made the process of issuing payments onerous.

As a result, contractors who worked under government contractual agreements prior to June 6, were asked to exercise patience as government attempted to rationalize the processes and documentation relating to requests for payment.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 22, 2016 at 4:03 pm Reply

    tell the truth the only reason u guys paying now is because the contractors was about to sue you guys.. bunch of liars.

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