Police concerned about heavy tints

The Police Traffic Department is concerned about vehicle window and windscreen tints that do not conform to the traffic regulations.

Assistant Superintendent Bernard Gaston told the Times that acceptable tints for motor omnibuses are grade 20 percent black and grade 50 percent non-reflective grey.

“Anything beyond that would be a concern for us,” Gaston explained.

He said to determine whether a tint meets the regulations, it would have to be measured.

Gaston explained that  section 23 of the driving code indicates that no motor vehicle or trailer shall have tint on the front windscreen unless the tint is less than eight inches in height.

“That is the other provision that relates to tints,” he told the Times.

Gaston disclosed that the penalty for a violation of the regulations relating to tints that are of an unacceptable grade is a fine of $250.

“Any contravention of the driving code would be a penalty of $250 and you can be ticketed for that,” the Traffic Official said.

He disclosed that police officers continue to see tints that do not meet the regulations.

“We are dealing with these matters as we continue to do our traffic checks on the roads around Saint Lucia,” Gaston stated.

He told the Times that heavy tints on vehicles impede the ability of law enforcers to see what is going on inside.



  1. Anonymous
    February 13, 2017 at 10:20 am

    The police personal vehicles are tinted in a out but we can’t if it is the law then even thee officers with their personal vehicles must nt b tinted in an out cause I know alot of them that are an have been hearing them saying is a good thing they are the law…nw that’s not setting an example..bless day

  2. Anonymous
    February 13, 2017 at 10:30 am

    A Police officer (Officer Palmer) once stopped me and complained about charging me for tinted windscreen, (something I learnt for the first time from him the officer). In talking about it to some people, I later learnt that this officer who goes around noticing tinted windscreen has his windscreen tinted as well…smh). This very officer stopped someone else and cautioned him about loud music in his vehicle, now this very officer drives around with the same loud music in his honda CRV jeep all through the town and highway………….nothing for that.
    Officer in charge of traffic, clean your house before you try to clean someone elses.

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