City Police presence in Castries welcomed

The City Police presence in Castries has been welcomed by the President of the Saint Lucia Vendors Association, Peter Isaac.

Isaac told the Times that the police presence in the area around the Castries Market , including Jeremie and Jn Baptiste streets and the vicinity of Darling Road,  has resulted in a lull in some criminal activity.

But he indicated that it was still too early to declare unequivocally that they are having a positive impact on crime in the City.

However, Isaac said he believes there has been a lull in some criminal activity since the City Police officers work way into the evening.

He said of the perpetrators of the crimes:

“What these young guys do; they are around the place and they have cellular phones to connect with their friends who are in other areas including the ghettoes, so they can tell them when to come in.”

He expressed the opinion that the police presence serves as a deterrent  to the purse and chain snatchings that have been affecting locals and tourists alike.

However he said he was not sure of the impact of the City Police on crime in other areas of the capital.

“As you know, just recently we had killings in the city – in Grass Street and Conway,” Isaac recalled.

Twenty-three newly hired city police officers were sworn in earlier this month at a special ceremony in the Office of the Mayor.

The group included 9 women and 14 men, some of whom  are former members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The new recruits will be an addition to the 13 constabulary officers currently on staff.

Another batch of recruits is expected by the first quarter of 2017 to increase the numerical strength of the City Constabulary which has been re-branded  as the City Police to 50.

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has said that the recruitment drive highlights the  commitment of his office to maintaining law and order and restoring a sense of safety in the  Saint Lucia capital.


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  3. Terri
    December 29, 2016 at 11:06 am

    So glad I recently booked a trip and stayed in soufriere.
    All attractions are in Soufriere. Watetfall, Sulfur Bath and Vilcano, and the Great Pitons.
    Everything starts and ends in Soufriere. Great people. Castries is the Capitol and has most of the excitmenybut crime rate is high.