Petition in Martinique against vehicle tint ban

An online petition has been launched in Martinique against new vehicle tint regulations.

The regulations will come into force on January 1, 2017.

From that date, drivers who have their car windows tinted beyond the 30 percent limit will be penalized.

Offenders will face a 135 Euro fine and three demerits on their driver’s license.

However in the past few weeks concerned drivers have created a Facebook page and an internet petition aimed at getting the authorities to review the proposed new measure.

Martinique officials have said that the new tint regulations should allow law enforcers better visibility when conducting roadside checks  to observe seat belt and other violations, such as the use of mobile telephones while driving.


But those who have launched the petition against the new regulations coming into effect argue, among other things, that the harsh sunshine experienced in Martinique requires a higher grade of vehicle tint for protection against skin damage.

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