Twenty year old hospitalized after stabbing

A twenty year old resident of Lewis Street, Vieux Fort, was rushed to hospital in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after being stabbed by two assailants, according to information obtained by the Times.

The victim was identified as Magellan Joseph.

It is reported that he was stabbed shortly after 2:am while at a party at Sandy Beach.

The victim is reported to have sustained stab wounds to the abdomen.

A relative told the Times that the twenty year old  had no dispute with the men who attacked him.

However, the relative explained that the two assailants appear to have had  issues with the victim’s friends and may have attacked him as  he was in the company of the friends.

“He is stable for now because the Doctors are saying that they were trying to stop all the internal bleeding since  the knife punctured his intestine,” the relative explained.

One of the alleged assailants is reported to be in police custody.






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    January 3, 2017 at 9:06 pm

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