Loss making Assou Square ‘incident free’

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has reported an ‘incident free’ Assou Square, but has indicated that the event incurred a major loss.

“We did not hear anything major – apart from the last day when guys who were unrelated to the event had their own little fracas,” Francis told a news conference Friday morning.

He commended the police, the fire service, emergency personnel and City Police officers.

“I think we have seen a vast improvement this year as far as that is concerned,” the Mayor observed.

He spoke of the cost of the event, saying it was an issue that he wanted to highlight.

“We have some expert Facebook people – I don’t even believe they have ever run anything,   because the only thing they are doing is just to talk on Facebook and some put that when you put $700 by 100 it is $70,000 and there is no expense in that,” Francis stated.

However Francis disclosed that the organizers collected $31,500 for tent rental and $10,313 for trays.

“For others we collected $5,608,”  he explained, adding that the monies amounted to a total of $47, 421.

In regard to expenses, the Mayor explained that total costs excluding what the Cultural Development Foundation will bear for entertainment was $160, 737.59.

Francis explained that it was not a profit making venture for the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC).

“It is a tradition that we are trying to keep alive,” he told Thursday morning’s news conference.

He called on ‘skeptics’ who believe that everything being done now in Saint Lucia is political, to ‘grow up.’

“Elections are in the next five years and whether you like Peterson Francis or not, it is not who I am but what I am attempting to do,” he said.

He called on critics to volunteer to help.

Francis said organizers would look at ways to reduce the expenses incurred by Assou Square and make the event even better next year.