Chastanet says criminals are the enemy!

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has declared that criminals are the enemy.

“I am not convinced that  poverty contributes to crime only – there’s still a certain amount of values that we have and Saint Lucians must see criminals, not as maleways, but as people who are affecting our society,” Chastanet said.

He declared:

“They are the enemy – they are the people who are destroying our livelihoods.”

The Prime Minister said as a result, people should not be protecting the criminals.

He told a news conference on Thursday evening that the police  alone cannot be doing the job of crime fighting.

Chastanet spoke of the need for the judicial process to obtain quick convictions so that people know that crime is not going to pay.

“Right now I think a lot of people commit  a lot of crimes in this country because there is no fear of being convicted,” the Prime Minister told Thursday’s news conference, adding that there was need to change that.

He explained that while his administration will be seeking to beef up the police force with new equipment, the emphasis in the first six to eight months will be on the judicial system.

Chastanet disclosed that more money will be spent on obtaining Magistrates and Judges and increasing the number of court houses.

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