PM addresses need for police vehicles

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has asserted that the government is taking a different approach with respect to obtaining vehicles for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Chastanet spoke against the backdrop of concerns about the police response to crime.

“It is not just about buying 4X4vehicles, it is about getting the right type of cars for the appropriate places that one, we can afford, and two, are cost effective to be able to run,” he told members of the media Monday.

He said he felt strongly that Saint Lucia should be looking to obtain electric cars or cars with  low fuel consumption.

“In areas like Rodney Bay and the town, you don’t need in my opinion to have a 4×4 truck,” Chastanet stated.

He announced that the government has engaged a company to assist the police in their vehicle assessment.

Chastanet told reporters that motorcycles in some of the rural areas may be more appropriate.

“The difficulty with a motorbike is that a person cannot be taken away, but you can have a vehicle that does that specifically,” the PM said.

He explained that in the same way that an ambulance arrives on a scene to address a particular aspect of an accident, there can be a ‘paddy wagon’ that can do the same thing in respect of crime.

Chastanet expressed the view that if police officers are on motorcycles it can give them greater access to certain communities.

“I don’t want you to believe that these are just words – there is a lot of detail that’s going into making sure that they are effective, but at the same time we are meeting our country’s needs. You just can’t keep buying these 4×4 vehicles,” he said.


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