CCC to crack down on urinating in public

The Castries Constituencies Council (CCC), has announced plans to begin enforcing laws against urinating in public.

The move is part of plans by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, to clean up the capital.

In addition to urinating in public, the City Police will also be enforcing laws against littering, defecating and spitting  in public, the Times has been informed.

Transgressors can be arrested and ticketed, incurring fines ranging from $150 to $1,500, it has been disclosed.

The City Police are being briefed on the legislation ahead of the crackdown.

In addition, the CCC has plans to write to the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) and various Taxi Associations to get them to inform their members about the new crackdown.

Urinating in public is not an uncommon sight in parts of Castries and its environs.

Areas, including near  some of the CDC apartment buildings, reek of urine as a result of the practice.

The CCC has noted that there are seven public toilets available in the City yet some persons cannot be bothered to use them, preferring instead to urinate in public.

In addition to contributing to the destruction of the aesthetics of the area  because of leaving stains on walls and concrete, infections can also be transmitted through urine.

In addition, the urea content in urine attracts flies and cockroaches which are carriers of bacteria.

The insects can pass on the bacteria to  exposed food and water.

The CCC, in enforcing the laws against urinating in public, has announced plans to  get persons who are caught in the act to clean up the area where they have deposited their urine.








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