Crack cocaine among items seized from students

Three foil wraps containing crack cocaine and various marijuana portions were among drugs, weapons and stolen items seized by the Police from students.

Police on Wednesday morning displayed the items.

The items were confiscated during random searches conducted by the Community Relations Branch (CRB) of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), in 2015 and 2016.

Officer Ted King of the CRB said most of the items seized were from secondary schools in Education Districts 1 to 4.

He expressed alarm at the number of students found in possession of cannabis.

King explained that some of the students were in Form One.

The confiscated items included 16 marijuana sticks, thirteen 5-bag portions, 104 marijuana foil wraps and three foil wraps with crack cocaine and various marijuana portions amounting to five pounds.

“The offenders and victims are getting younger and younger at an alarming rate which is a cause for concern,” Ted King stated.

In addition to drugs, Police seized a total of 47 knives, including pen knives, 5 cutlasses, 46 scissors, 9 screw drivers and 14 lighters.

King said this year the police are sending a strong message to students and young people that no situation is resolved through violence.

He declared that the CRB and by extension the police, will spare no effort in pursuing individuals who introduce students to the sale of drugs or the use of drugs, or both.

King encouraged parents to play their role in bringing up children in the right way.

He asserted that this year the CRB has taken a zero tolerance approach, with the result that students who commit any serious criminal acts will be prosecuted.

King said the need for crime prevention programmes are of paramount importance to the police.

He revealed plans to launch a crime prevention initiative dubbed ‘School Crime Watch’ in Education District 5.

“As a department, we will ensure that our young people are not taken down the path of destruction or to a point of no return,” the police official said.