Violent students putting pressure on education?

Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President, Julian Monrose,  declaring that violent students are putting pressure on the education system, has questioned the role that the church is playing  in helping problem  students.

Monrose spoke against the backdrop of the display Wednesday of drugs, weapons and stolen items that the police seized from students in 2015 and 2016.

“We have to ask ourselves where is the church in all of what is happening? Are the churches playing their part in assisting the homes in raising children?” The SLTU President told the Times.

He said even teachers have to be fearful for their own lives.

“You do not know what will happen when a student comes to school with a weapon- when that student will choose to turn on a teacher, “Monrose declared.

He said as a people and a society, there is need to take  more serious look at the situation of violence in schools, rather than speak out every time a serious matter arises.

The SLTU President recalled that last school term at St. Mary’s College there was a break in.

He said the Watchman was tied up and beaten.

“There was all this fuss about having to do something about school security – where is that now?” Monsose said, adding that the matter seems to have taken a back seat.

He said:

“That is not how we have to approach serious issues of our students being on drugs, thinking that it is okay to walk with weapons or get involved in violence.”

Monrose said there must be a sustainable effort at educating the young people and sending a message to parents that they will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

Monrose asserted that violent students who believe that aggression is ‘cool’ are putting pressure on the education system.

“Instead of focussing on the original mandate of teaching the children and getting them to succeed academically, we now have to be having all kinds of programmes in schools – anti-drug programmes, programmes against violence – so it has made the work of the teacher a lot more difficult,” Monrose told the Times.

The SLTU President explained that the homes from which the unruly students come are not playing their role.