Driver unhurt after part of building collapses

A female driver escaped unscathed after a part of the American Drywall building came down Thursday morning.

Cyrillia Lucien, the driver of a Toyota Corolla, PC 2927, told the Times that as soon as she parked and closed the door of her vehicle she heard a loud noise.

“When I turned back I saw it was a piece of the building coming down – I had to run for my life,” the shaken woman recalled.


Lucien told the Times that on her way her ‘spirit’ told her to pray.

“I was there praying, asking God to protect me and when I saw what happened there, I know it was God so I have reasons to give him praise and glory,” she asserted.

She declared that God saved her this morning.

Lucien disclosed that as a result of the incident, the front part of her vehicle, including the windshield,  was damaged.

Her vehicle was one of three that were hit by the falling pieces from the building.

The female driver said she planned to obtain compensation from the owner of the American Drywall building.

She observed that the part where the collapse occurred was very old.

“Something needs to be done,” Lucien said.

“If the building is there for long you must inspect it to ensure it is safe, because there are a lot of people working in there,” she told the Times.

One businessman who operates from the American Drywall building told the Times that the incident Thursday morning occurred after 9:am.

“I heard a loud noise and then a few seconds after, the whole front of the building came down,” the businessman, who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Times.

An automotive business – 758 Motorsport, operates from the ground floor of the part of the American Drywall building that collapsed.


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