Francis wants main court building reopened

Attorney at Law, Mary Francis, has called on the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister to reopen the main court building on Peynier Street, Castries.

Francis told the Times that the continued closure of the court is causing great inconvenience and economic hardship.

“Most of the people who use the court are poor persons who come into conflict with the law,” she observed.

According to the Attorney at Law, there is no reason why persons have to pay money to be transported to Gros Islet just to have a court date assigned.

“Court ‘D’ should be sitting in Castries in the building on Peynier Street. I hope that by next month the court will be opened,” Francis told the Times.

She said there was need to obtain information about the ‘air worthiness’ of the building to determine whether sittings of the court can be held there.

“I mean to say a new year, persons are standing outside the City Hall – many of them standing there in rain and sun waiting for their case to be called  – that should not be?” Francis said.

She asserted that it was inconvenient for persons to travel to Gros Islet to get a court date when the matter has to be sent back to Castries for trial.

Francis said:

“I myself am not happy to travel to Gros Islet just to get a date to come back to Castries for a trial and sit in a small court – the space is highly inadequate and people have to stand up in the sun and rain- no that must stop. We want the building open for next month so that the people can be more comfortable and they can have access to justice in a way that will not incur economic hardship.”

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