St Jude Hospital Welcomes Two Sets of Twins

Press Release:-For the staff of the Maternity Ward at St Jude Hospital, 2017 has started with double the excitement and double the fun. The hospital delivered two sets of twins in two days in the first week of the New Year.

“We’ve never had two sets of twins being born at St Jude Hospital just one day apart,” said Midwife and Maternity Ward Charge Nurse Julia Vitals. “Twins usually come weeks or months apart so the entire ward was absolutely ecstatic.”

The first set of twins were born on January 5, 2017 to Tannisha Jules of Grand Ravine, Dennery. The bouncing baby boys were delivered at approximately 1:02pm and 1:06pm weighing five pounds five ounces and five pounds three ounces respectively.

The nurses were initially expecting a single delivery but quickly realized that they were dealing with twins. “They came as a complete surprise since the mother was undiagnosed,” Nurse Vitalis said.

Nurse Vitalis explained that the Ms. Jules did not perform an ultrasound during her pregnancy and so she too was taken by surprise to learn that she was having twins instead of a single baby.

At approximately 9:47pm the following day (January 6, 2017) the second set of twins was delivered via cesarean section. However this time, the nurses had more time to prepare.

Mother, Arcilia Peleon of Pierrot, Vieux Fort had performed an ultrasound and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her two bundles of joy. The first baby was delivered at 9:46pm weighing four pounds, seven ounces. One minute later at 9:47 pm he was joined into the world by his sister who tipped the scale at four pounds six ounces.

Both mothers and their babies have been discharged from the hospital and are all doing well. St Jude Hospital presented hampers containing baby supplies to the mothers.


  1. Lizette Jackson
    August 4, 2017 at 5:44 am

    First of all my congratulations extended to the ladies here on the birth of your twin babies!! Secondly, I too have a set of twins but they were born on January 05 of 2016. They were born on their father’s birthday he was born in 1991 and this alone is something that simply amazes me as i was not induced, my girls came all on their own just shy of about an hour before midnight on the 5th. Now, here’s something truly truly amazing….my maternal aunts also identical twins were born on this very day as well but back in 1959 and are the only other set of twins that we have found looking back at our family tree. Isnt this simply amazing? Also, a sidenote, my girls were conceived on my birthday, May 03 of 2015. So…kinda pretty awesone right? Tell me im wrong!? I dare ya lol 😉

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