Mistaken identity blamed for latest homicide

Mistaken identity has been blamed for Saint Lucia’s latest homicide.

Construction worker, Keegan Rosemond, 24, of Ciceron, was gunned down Saturday morning at around 4:am.

A relative told the Times that Rosemond and others, including his older brother,   had journeyed to Gros Islet to celebrate the the older sibling’s  birthday.

“I was told when they were coming back they stopped by a bar at Marisule,” the relative disclosed.

She said she was told that after leaving the bar, her brother  went across the road to urinate when his companions heard gunshots.

She said Rosemond was found lying on the ground.

According to the relative, the deceased, as far as she knows, had no problems with anyone.

“And I am very close to him,” she declared, adding that if there was a problem she would have known.

The relative said she believed it was a case of mistaken identity.

“I would think so because I don’t know that Keegan was in any gang – nobody wants him, you know, nothing like that,” she explained.

Commenting on the spate of homicides since the beginning of the year, the relative asserted that some persons have no respect for life.

“As far as I am concerned he (Keegan Rosemond) was not part of any gang or anything like that – it came as a shock to everybody,” she said.

The relative told the Times that from the information she received, after the shooting a blue car drove out of the parking lot of the building that is located near the place where Keegan Rosemond had gone to relieve himself.

She told the Times she believes that  when her relative went to relieve himself, his assailants were sitting in the blue vehicle.

“I don’t know if they think he was trying to take out something and they shot him – I don’t know,” she said.

Asked whether the assailants may have mistaken Rosemond for someone else in his car group with whom they had a score to settle, the relative’s response was :”The guys that were in the vehicle were not these kind of people!”