New Executive Committee Elected to Manage National Taxi Union (NTU) Affairs

The National Taxi Union (NTU) held its biennial Conference of delegates on 7 th January, 2017 at the Ministry of Infrastructure conference room. All members and affiliates of the NTU were present at the conference of delegates. At the Meeting a new executive committee was elected to manage the affairs of the NTU for the next two years.

The new executive members are: Kenneth Phillip (President), George Joseph (Vice President), Nigel Dickson (Secretary), Linus St. Clair (Assistant Secretary), Isidore Brisefert (Treasurer), Mervin Dalsou (Trustee), and Cantius Jn Baptiste (Trustee).

The new Executive looks forward to working with all and will seek to move the sector in a new direction for the benefit of all Tourism Taxi Operators.