Brother says deceased was a good swimmer

Jackson Prospere,  brother of deceased suspected drowning victim, Kurty Prospere, has told the Times that his sibling was a good swimmer.

Kurty’s body was fished out of the sea near Smuggler’s Cove yesterday after he and a friend, identified as  Keron Cornibert, went on a fishing expedition in a kayak, according to reports.


( PHOTO: Keron Cornibert)

Cornibert is still missing.

Jackson Prospere told the Times that according to the information he received, the boat that the two friends were in capsized.

He said he was told that one of the men went under the water and the other tried to save him with tragic consequences for both.

According to Prospere, the family members of the deceased are heart broken.

He described  the deceased as a hardworking individual who was ‘hustling’ as a construction worker to help his family.

Prospere said the sea at the time the two friends went on the fishing expedition was ‘real rough’.

He said both men were good swimmers.

However Prospere said he was told that they became entangled in a fishing line which restricted their mobility.



  1. Anonymous
    April 23, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Condolences to the family if one has nothing positive to say don’t write stupid insensitive comments . the death of a love one is already sad compound with what he was wearing or not will not bring them back .RIP

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