Chastanet says guns too accessible

Guns are too accessible in Saint Lucia, Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has said.

Chastanet made the comments to reporters today, one day after an anti-crime vigil in Anse la Raye which he attended.

He recalled that a refrain at the event was: ‘Put down your arms!’

Chastanet disclosed that he is going to ask the Police to come up with a ‘very significant’ campaign, aimed at getting people to put down their arms.

The PM declared that this country needs to demonstrate compassion and show that there are many more good people than there are bad ones in Saint Lucia.

He asserted that that good people have been staying silent for too long.

“I think it is time for them to come out and to realise that this epidemic of crime in this country is going to require all of us to put our best efforts to change what is taking place in Saint Lucia,” Chastanet said.

The Prime Minister noted that the government and the security forces have a significant role to play in resolving the crime problem.

“No way am I here putting the blame on anybody else – we have  to do out part,” Chastanet observed.