Martinique: Travel law to protect minors

Martinique has reinstated a travel law to protect minors from kidnapping and possible recruitment by terrorists.

As of Sunday,  January 15, 2017, for a minor to travel overseas without a parent or guardian, the parent or legal guardian needs to fill out an exit permit.

The duration of the permit may not exceed one year from the date of signature.

The document must carry the full name, date and place of birth of the minor child being allowed to leave the territory.

It must also contain the surname, Christian name, date and place of birth of the holder of the parent or  legal guardian who signed the authorization, the capacity in which he exercises that authority, his physical address, his signature and, where appropriate, his telephone number and email address.

 Other documents, such as the identity card or the passport of the young person and his or her  legal representative must also be presented, according to Martinique 1 ere.

By reinstating the requirement, which was abolished in January 2013, the authorities hope to prevent  kidnapping of minors.

They also hope to fight terrorism by preventing the departure of minors to jihadist networks.