Search resumes for person missing at sea

A search resumed this morning for a man reported missing at sea near Smuggler’s Cove in the North of the Island.

This after the Marine Police Unit, with the assistance of two members of the public, recovered one body from the sea yesterday about fifty miles from the shore.

According to information, the Marine Police Unit received a report at around 4:pm yesterday concerning a possible drowning near Smuggler’s Cove.

The unit dispatched a vessel, Papa/Oscar-10, to the scene.

An official told the Times that on arrival, the Marine Police received information that two men who had gone on a sea expedition aboard a kayak had gone missing.

The official explained that sea conditions at the time when the Marine Police vessel arrived were bad, with large swells being experienced.

According to the official, a member of the public had ventured out aboard another kayak to assist the two  men who had encountered  difficulty, found himself in trouble, but managed to make it safely back to shore.

Later, with the assistance of two members of the public, the body of one of the  two men who had originally encountered difficulty at sea  was recovered, it was reported.

The search continued into the dark for the other missing man and after being postponed, resumed Monday morning at 6:am.

Both the deceased and the person who is still missing are reported to be from the Cul de Sac area.




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