Blue, yellow black & white dashers to unite for 3rd annual Dash Independence Colour Run

Press Release: As we come closer to the end of January and move into a month long celebration of our island home, many Saint Lucians are gearing up to showcase their national pride, celebrating 38 years of Independence.

The national colours, blue, yellow, black and white will be on display through the many flags, t-shirts, bandanas, shoes, and even powder. Celebrating such a monumental day in our history truly brings together all races, creeds and religions, united with big smiles, exhibiting the joy of being a Saint Lucian.

Being an independent nation, gives us the freedom to make choices, be a democratic society and to build a legacy that we all can be proud of. It is that very freedom and legacy we must remember to upload and protect, not only in the month of February, but throughout the entire year.

This independence year, we will be witnessing many changes in our country, from the change of our annual Jazz Festival to new projects that are expected to create growth on island and for its people. While some things will change, our strength, resilience and pride stay consistent. The Helen of the West remains a paradise home to many near and far.

In keeping with the consistency, on Sunday February 19 th , 2017, Saint Lucians will gather once again to walk, chip or run, showcasing their colours – blue, yellow, black and white, at the 3rd annual Dash Independence Colour Run. It is a chance to join a movement that not only supports our national pride but also is associated to the very core of giving back to those in need, by teaming up with the Child Development Guidance Council (CDGC).

Early Registration begins tomorrow, Saturday Jan 21 st , from 11 am to 3 pm at the Bay Walk Mall Clock Tower. Dashers can also register at the CDGC in La Clery, CrossFit758, and Motion Studios. The fun walk/chip/run will commence from Massy Mega in Choc to Bay Walk Mall in Rodney Bay, followed by a national showcase of music and culture.

As we gear up for 38 years of independence, there is no better way to bring everyone together, celebrating our nation as one, dashing united with pride and joy for our paradise island home.