BCF welcomes Sandals Foundation donation

Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has welcomed the donation of a dental chair from the Sandals Foundation through Great Shape Inc.

The chair cost an estimated $US 8,000.

BCF Deputy Director, Leonard Terrence, explained that for a while now the facility’s clinics have not been taking place because of  a problem with the dental chair at the prison.

“When the Sandals Foundation got to know about it, they made it possible for us to get a proper chair so that we can conduct our clinics here at the facility,” Terrence said.

He disclosed that according to the BCF records, last year 94 patients were treated in house while about 40 were taken for treatment outside.

Terrence noted that taking inmates out of the prison has cost and security implications.

He explained that treating inmates in house would cut down on  the cost of transporting them and reduce security issues.

The official said although the donation of the dental chair may appear to be a simple gesture, it will facilitate clinics being conducted at the BCF and help the institution care for inmates with dental needs.

“A toothache is nothing easy to deal with whether you are an inmate or someone who is on the straight and narrow,” Terrence stated.

He disclosed that there have been situations where inmates have been in constant pain.

“Just that gesture of getting the tooth extracted or the teeth cleaned or filled is one that they appreciate very much. Not only that, but it is part of our human rights obligations that we attend to that,” Terrence said.

He expressed gratitude to the Sandals Foundation and Great Shape Inc for the donation of the dental chair, asserting that it demonstrates that  when external agencies play their role it helps the institution since the government cannot do everything.

“I look forward to others making a contribution to us,” Terrence said.


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