Distraught mother attempts suicide

A distraught mother attempted suicide this morning by consuming a corrosive substance, the woman’s daughter has told the Times.

The incident occurred at Desglo.

According to the 21-year old daughter, the family has been plagued with financial problems since her father died about a year ago.

The daughter told the Times that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been coping with intense pain, adding to the family’s woes.

According to the young woman, she herself has been trying hard to obtain employment in order to bring in money,  but to no avail.

She said she found her mother at about 7 O’ clock this morning sitting at their home with a bottle of corrosive liquid at her feet.

The distraught older woman confessed to consuming some of the liquid, the daughter explained.

She daughter said she immediately summoned the emergency services and the police and her mother was rushed to hospital.

“They told me she might not make it,” the daughter lamented when asked about her mother’s current condition.

She is her mother’s only child.