PM extols value of competitive sports

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has spoken highly of the value of competitive sports, asserting that he is a big believer in sports, the creative industries and organised programmes for children so that when they leave school in the afternoon, there is somewhere for them to go.

“I think that when you have competitive sports, all of a sudden people become more disciplined – they become more focussed,” Chastanet said.

He noted that sports teach a lot about life, teamwork, crisis management, dealing with conflict, being competitive and losing.

“These are incredible values,” Chastanet declared.

He said he believes there are children who are incredibly gifted in the field of entertainment and the creative industries but are not being given the training and the tools to prosper.

“You are not going to fight or beat gangs by violence – by trying to be hard. It is about embracing them and letting them know that they are part of our society and there is a role that they have to play and getting them to know that by contributing to society, they are going to make their own lives better,” the Prime Minister observed.

He said:

“This idea that Saint Lucians are killing Saint Lucians, who are we blaming that on? We run our own country. Why are we resorting to that? It shows a complete breakdown and a lack of respect that we have for each other. We may have all our differences – we may be unhappy with what our plight is, but does that still justify you killing somebody?”

The Prime Minister said there was need to reach out and get more people engaged.

Chastanet made the comments to reporters while highlighting issues that he discussed recently in London with Saint Lucians living in the UK.

Similar contacts  are expected to be made with Saint Lucians living in other countries, including Canada.